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Srinivasan is the quintessential photographer. Totally committed to his art and blessed with strong technical skills, he has cut his teeth on a wide range of assignments across all aspects of photography. Though an Electrical Engineer, he took to photography out of sheer passion. What started out as a hobby over the years turned into a full time profession. Today, he is acknowledged as a leading light in the world of commercial photography in this part of the world.

Srinivasan’s core competence is in industrial photography and has shot extensively for a wide range of industries – both product and outdoor – including textiles, foundries, hospitals, hotels, farms etc., He has also done excellent work in fashion and jewellery photography.

An avid traveler, he has on his own initiative build up an impressive portfolio of images from all parts of the country and abroad. A genial raconteur with a wealth of experience behind him, Srinivasen brings to his work both inspired thinking and a roll-up-your-sleeve work ethic that endears him to his clients.

Srini Institute of Photography 

Srinivasan established a photography school where he imparts his wealth of knowledge and shares his experiences to the students and develop them into world-class photographers. One-Year PG diploma course is the flagship course for passionate photographers who would like to take up photography as their career. Beginners and amateurs  take up Weekend courses while working professionals participate in photography workshops.  For more details please visit the website : www.sriniinstitute.org 





Equipments of high quality contribute to the success of a Photographer. They are supposed to perform accurately and trouble free.

In variably every time I show my images to my clients or friends, the first question they ask me is which Camera did I use to capture that image. All seasoned Photographers are very much aware that Camera Equipment alone does not make great images. I would like to mention here a famous quotation from Ansel Adams –  : “When people ask me what Equipment I use, I tell them my Eyes “.

However for the people who are curious to know about the Gears that I use, I furnish below the list of Camera Equipments and its accessories that I use regularly for  Commercial Assignments as well as Personal Assignments. After making plans for the assignment, I select the Gears from this list that is very much in need for a particular assignment.


Canon 1DX

Canon 5DS R

Canon 70D


Canon 16-35 mm   f/2.8 II

Canon Tilt and Shift Lens 24 mm f/4

Canon 24-105 mm IS  f/4

Canon 85 mm  f/1.8

Canon 100mm Macro F/2.8 IS

Canon 70-200 mm  IS f/2.8

Canon 300 mm IS f/4

Canon 600 mm IS f/4

Canon Tele converter 1.4x Mark III

Canon Tele Converter 1.4X Mark II

Canon Extension Tubes


Lee Filters of (150mm x 100mm )

0.9 and 0.6 soft edge Graduated ND filters

0.9 ND Blender

Big stopper ND filter

Polarising Filter



Canon 600 RTX and Canon 580 EX along with Vivitar 485 remotely triggered by Pocket wizard plus II Units.


I have four different Tripods.

Gitzo GT 3532 LS  carbon fibre tripod fitted with Gimbal head which I use for Bird Photography most of the time.

Manfrotto 058B Tripod fitted with Manfrotto Gear Head 405 – I carry this for my Industrial, Architecture and other commercial assignments

Benbo Trekker 1 – a versatile tripod, very useful for inconvenient situations. I use this for my closeup shots and ground level shots

Manfrotto 055X ProB fitted with Manfrotto 488RC4 ball head – a spare one


Profoto Acute 2R Power pack 2400 watts with Heads

Profoto Air 500

Profoto Acute B600 Battery Flash

Elinchrom FXR 400

Elinchrom Master 600

Elinchrom 500

Elinchrom 23

Profoto Giant Parabolic Umbrellas 7 foot size

Profoto Softboxes & Umbrellas